Marble Metallic Epoxy Garage Floors are HOT!

Posted on: February 21, 2017

Garage floor coating has become one of the most popular home improvements over the last five years. Transforming you garage floor from dull, cracked and dirty concrete into a showroom finish has has taken on plenty of appeal for homeowners looking to improve all areas of their home. The most widely applied system still remains a thick epoxy base coat showered with a an attractive blend of vinyl chips to create a surface that looks like expensive simulated terrazzo or granite. But, new variations of the same basic process are starting to emerge, one in particular is know as Marble Metallic Epoxy.  These systems are installed much the same way, with the same prep and base coat. The difference lies in the elimination of the decorative vinyl chips and the addition of the second thick epoxy layer that has been infused with metallic powder.

By blending various colors of metallic powders with various colors of epoxy a multitude of finishes can be achieved. These finishes take on a random and varied patten with the common element of metallic shine throughout. Installers use a whole array of homemade techniques to move the metallic epoxy around before it cures to create one-of-a-kind patterns and shapes.

Marble Metallic epoxy flooring system are great for those homeowners who are looking for something that is totally unique in the garage or even interior areas like the basement. Be prepared to spend about 50% more than what a traditional decorative flake system will cost. Also, be prepared for the “wow” factor the floor will get from all of your guests.