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Michiana Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Increase Storage Space in Your Garage

No matter what size your garage, you can increase the storage space by using one of our overhead storage solutions. These premium overhead storage racks will instantly maximize the available space.

The space below the garage ceiling is often not used. But our overhead storage racks convert this wasted space into the perfect place for storing items.

You can store whatever you want in them. They are ideal for items you rarely use but don’t want to throw out, and you can now keep them off the floor and out of reach, which is ideal if you’ve got kids.

We provide a full array of products, including racks in a wide range of sizes right up to 4 feet by 8 feet. We can fit them almost anywhere, even above garage doors, so you can store your items away discretely.

What’s more, our overhead storage racks are tough and built to last, providing you with complete peace of mind. The powder coated finish gives them an attractive appearance, and it also protects against chipping and wear.

So make your Michiana garage more organized and enjoy the clean look you’re after by choosing one of our overhead storage racks.

Overhead Storage Key Features:

  • 16 gage metal – White powder coated finish
  • 9 different sizes to choose from
  • Customized heights to fit any garage
  • Supports up to 800 lbs.

Sizing Configurations